Vehicle is Insured, But the Life is not. Why?

July 22, 2021

Three members of a family, a business man Sumit Singhal, his wife Ruchi and his mother left dead, when a dumper truck overturned on their Audi car in Delhi, that vehicle is insured. A two-year-old son Vihaan is the only survival. The child survived, only because he was sleeping on the rear seat. The child’s parents, Sumit Singhal and Ruchi Singhal, got married just three years ago. They used to live with Sumit’s parents and his sister in Rohini, Delhi.

Now the serious question is who will take care of two year aged child, especially financial needs. No one is there to give support to this cute baby. If they had bought a financial cover, their relatives don’t have to worry about the future of this child. The child’s future is in dark.

Cover your Life with Term Insurance Policy

By buying Term Insurance Cover, you can get the financial protection for your entire family in case of a mishap. People should take a lesson from this eye-opening incident and understand the worth of INSURANCE that it will pay back to the family.

People usually take insurance of their vehicle, vehicle is insured and not their lives. What is more valuable? A Car or Owner of the Car? Insuring your car is a wise move, but ensuring financial protection for the family is also quite essential. At the present time of uncertainty of life, you should secure your family’s life with a Term Plan, so they will have adequate financial security even in your absence.

Human Life Value = 20 times of your annual Salary!!

Get adequate cover after assessing your family’s financial needs. Insure your Life and Family’s Happiness!!

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