Planning a vacation? Don’t forget to get a Travel Insurance

July 21, 2021

If you are planning to go on a trip abroad then you should consider applying for travel insurance. Traveling is an exciting proposition but if that gets your baggage misplaced or even stolen, or if you fall immensely sick, then it is not as exciting as before. The basic aim of any insurance is to cover the cost of damages of anything that has been insured. In case of travel insurance you will be insuring yourself against any unforeseen event while traveling..

Right Cover with Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is often pitched by veteran travelers and travel agents as the best protection while traveling. The things that a travel insurance plans covers are:

Cancellation of the Trip (Partial/Entire)

This situation takes place when your traveling partner or you find it important to cancel a pre-planned trip due to some reason. Or, you cannot go to a country that you may have planned to visit because of a war breaking out, or it is simply not safe to visit that nation anymore. You might also have to cancel your trip if your passport and/or visa are not in order. Illness at home is another major reason for such claims.

Medical Expenses due to Unfortunate Events

It might so happen that you suffer a heart attack in some remote area on foreign soils. So, those who come to your aid may need to rush you to a hospital in the nearest city—the act will rack up expensive medical bills in a foreign currency, and needless to say ,will be quite painful financially. Insurance will keep you covered in such circumstances and you can enjoy your trip without any worries on your head.

Emergency Evacuation using an Air Ambulance due to Serious Medical Conditions

It might so happen that the medical emergency because of which you have to be admitted to a hospital turns out to be so serious that you are not able to make a trip back home normally. Under the circumstances, an air ambulance has to be arranged to drop you off, and this ride back home is definitely very expensive.

Accidental Death/Fatal Accidents of any kind

If, due to any unforeseen event or a freak accident, you lose your life, then your family will be benefited from the financial help that will come their way.


As the point suggests, insurance covers you against dismemberment as well. This comes in handy in case you lose any body part due to an accident abroad.


If you end up losing your baggage, or it gets stolen, then you need not worry as your insurance will keep you covered against such mishaps.

In other words, well-conceived travel insurance will protect you against the invisible forces that are unpredictable and unforeseen.

Way Forward

Though all these thoughts about illnesses and diseases makes the entire idea of a pleasant trip abroad extremely morbid and risky in nature, they help you become aware of the unprecedented events that may come your way; and influence you to apply for an insurance. Because you only live once, and you should enjoy your life to the fullest, there is no need for you to sit at home thinking that you might lose your life if you travel abroad.

So go ahead, plan that world tour of yours – your travel insurance plan acts as a protective umbrella for you!

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