LIC e-Term Plan: A New Way Of Investing

July 21, 2021

Traditionally, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India sold its term insurance plans through the help of insurance agents. But, with the penetration of internet in the lives of Indian citizens, LIC has too realized the importance of online term policies. To quench the requirement of growing online term insurance plans specifically TERM PLANS, it launched LIC e-term plan through which the customers can purchase the policy online.

Features and benefits

This policy comes with numerous features and benefits, some of which include:

  • In case the policyholder dies, the nominee receives the sum assured.
  • The policyholder can renew the policy within two years in case it is lapsed.
  • Policy can be purchased by filling online details and paying the premium through online modes of payment.
  • The policy remains active even if the individual travels abroad for vacation or work purpose.
  • The premium rates are highly reasonable.

These features reveal that it is a sane idea to make an investment in this plan of LIC.

Eligibility Criteria

The person must have completed 18 years of his/her life to become eligible for this LIC term plan, whereas maximum age at entry is 60 years (nearest birthday). The minimum term of policy is 10 years, whereas the maximum term of policy is 35 years. To get this policy, the individual must have his/her own earned income. The policy does not allow the individual to propose for anyone other than himself/herself. Also, partnership, Key Man Insurance (KMI), and Employer-Employee are not allowed.

Terms and Conditions

If you are interested in this policy, you must go through these terms and conditions:

  1. Grace Period: The policy allows a grace period of 30 days starting from the due date of premium. After this period, the policy is lapsed.
  2. Payment of subsequent premiums: The policyholders can pay the further premiums through credit card, net-banking, or debit card.
  3. Already existing term plan cover: The individual is supposed to disclose his/her existing insurance cover details, along with income details, in case he/she already possesses a term plan cover of another insurer.
  4. Medical tests: The need of medical depends on the health disclosures and underwriting requirements. In case the medical tests are required, the individuals have to go through basic examinations like blood test and urine test.
  5. Minor nominee: The policy allows for a minor nominee, but an appointee has to be provided for the same.
  6. Type of death covered: The product covers all types of deaths except suicide during first year.

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Revival of Policy

The policy gets lapsed in case the insured individual does not pay the premium within the grace period. To revive the policy, the individual has to pay the due premium, along with interest (which is compounded half-yearly). These arrears have to be paid within a period of two consecutive years, which begins from the date of first unpaid premium. The individual has to bear the expenses related to the medical reports if needed for the policy revival.

Premium Rates for Smokers and Non-Smokers

There is a difference in premium rates and sum assured for the smokers and non-smokers.

Aggregate: This plan is applicable if the assured amount varies from 25 lakhs to 49 lakhs. It does not matter whether you are smoker or not. The regular smokers who want to assure more than 50 lakh have to pay an additional premium when compared to non-smokers.

Non Smoker: The minimum sum assured for this category is Rs. 50 lakh. The premium is comparatively less than smoker category.


The LIC continues to be the first choice of individuals, as it is a government backed company. Talking about the E-Term plan, the combined benefit of term policy and ease of purchase makes it an ideal product for those who want to get their life covered. It is necessary to check all the terms and regulations in detail from the company’s website. You can use our portal for free comparison of best policies that LIC offers.

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