In Covid-19 how important is health insurance for us

August 6, 2021


Every citizen is taking self precautions, isolating themselves, and undertaking various safety measures including social distancing to avoid the Covid-19 virus. But sometimes we have to face certain difficulties. Health is should be the most important aspect of our life. We should make sure we eat right, sleep right, and also do some basic exercises to keep our day-to-day lifestyle fit and strong.

But on a long-term basis, we should always look for HEALTH INSURANCE to get the best medical treatment. This current coronavirus pandemic has shown us how important health insurance really is. Already many of us are going through financial losses or losing our jobs. This is when health insurance comes in handy, you don’t need to think about the medical expenses if you have health insurance.

Why Do We Need an Insurance Cover for Covid-19?

During this pandemic, everyone is at sky-high risk and since the disease is new to us and other counties, the care is still being evolving and improving. Health insurance during this time is very important and the following points will emphasize why it is important.

  • ICU demand is High for Covid-19 Treatment:

The difficulty with Covid-19 treatment is that many hospitalized cases. Require rigorous care treatment and ventilator support in the end. With the present caseload in India, both of these are in short supply and high priced which drives the cost of treatment uphill.

Cases of hospitalization charges running uphill of minimum Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 1 lakh. Without Mediclaim, this is a huge bill for the average Indian citizen.

The main source for coronavirus is that it multiplies to other family members and friends, as reported by many observations. Multiple cases of hospitalization from the same family can quickly add up to huge expenses. Often spending the entire life’s savings. Healthcare coverage can save families from financial ruin in such cases.
· Expensive Protective Gear because of Covid-19:

Even wherever hospitalization doesn’t require intensive care, the cost of general treatment is high due to special protective gear required for Covid-19 patients and doctors. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits including gloves, masks, and other supplies to protect healthcare workers come at a cost, and the final bill amount could still end up in a few lakh rupees due to this.

  • Emergency Coverage during Covid-19:

Often there is a requirement for immediate hospitalization due to oxygen levels falling abruptly. This is more of a concern in rural and semi-urban areas where regular transport at odd hours might be difficult. During such times, the ambulance cover provided in a healthcare plan can be a savior.

  • Income Benefit during Covid-19:

Some healthcare plans have income benefits that can help families with financial difficulties arising out of unemployment (due to hospitalization) triggered by this pandemic.

  • AYUSH Treatment Coverage during Covid-19:

During the pandemic, the health ministry has emphasized alternative treatments. like AYUSH which are highly effective in preventing Corona in many cases. In-patient AYUSH treatments are now covered under most Mediclaim plans, per IRDAI

This can prove to be quite helpful for people unable to afford such treatments. HENCE, there is no doubt that Health Insurance is very important in today’s unpredictable life.

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