How One can Choose the Best Term Insurance Policy

July 21, 2021

Term insurance is the most economical form of life insurance, which has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade. Due to its low premium amount and high coverage, term insurance fits into even tight budgets also. The flexibility of choosing your policy term along with various other benefits, like availability of riders, option to increase sum assure, tax benefit, etc., makes term plan one of the best life insurance policies in the market. The online availability of term plan has made the purchase and management of insurance policies very easy which has allowed the insurance sector to have better penetration in the market.

But there are more than 20 IRDAI certified insurance companies in India who offer different insurance plans with different benefits and features. That’s why choosing the best term insurance plan becomes necessary in the current era of wide range of options.

That’s why we have mentioned some of the important points in this article, which will help you choose the best term insurance policy in the market.


Comparison is very much important for choosing the best term insurance policy and with the help of the online platform, comparison of various insurance policies has become very easy. Comparison allows you to choose the most economical term insurance policy in the market which offers the maximum benefit. There are various web insurance aggregators, which can help you in getting an unbiased result for comparison. You can also compare different policies through the online web portal of insurance companies.

Buy Online

Buying term insurance policy is much more beneficial than buying through an agent or broker. Online term insurance policies allow you to make a well-informed decision because all the information about the policy is easily available online. In addition to that, online term insurance policies are also cheaper than offline medium of insurance purchase because while buying through online medium, you deal directly with the company without any involvement of middleman who charge commission for each policy.

Choose Your Cover Wisely

You should never choose your cover amount in a hurry because this is the amount which your loved ones will get in case of your demise. If you are underinsured in your policy, then at the time of claim, the death benefit will not prove to be sufficient for your family’s financial need while if you are overinsured in your policy then the premium amount will become a financial burden for you. That’s why you should choose the right cover amount on the basis of your current lifestyle, family’s need, your future obligations, income, loan and debt.

Analyze the Trustworthiness of the Company

A trustworthy insurance company will allow you to have an easy claim settlement process with better quality of service. That’s why analyzing different insurance companies is necessary for choosing the best term insurance plan. You can look for the Claim Settlement Ratio of different insurance companies which is issued by IRDAI on a yearly basis. You can also look at the customer review on the online portal of insurance companies or go through blog of insurance expert.

Go Through the Fine Print of the Policy

Understanding your policy well before purchasing it allows you to avoid any bad surprise or hassle in future. A term insurance policy come with benefits, exclusions, inclusions and with various terms and conditions, and a detailed analysis of these fine prints of the policy is very necessary for choosing the best life insurance policy; term plan. There may be a particular exclusion in the policy about which you are not aware and due to the same exclusion, your claim might get cancelled and that can prove to the worst situation for you or your family. So it’s better to be informed than regretting the ignorance in the future.

Choose the Right Policy Term

The flexibility of choosing your policy term is one of the key features of a term insurance policy, but you should always choose the right policy term which will help you in achieving your financial goals. The ideal policy term should cover you till your retirement, but the policy term also depends upon the purpose of buying the term plan. For example, if you are buying a term insurance policy as a protection against loan, then your policy term should be equal to your loan period. So analyze your need and situation and choose the right policy term.

With so many benefits and flexibilities of term insurance plan, choosing the best one which suits your financial need has become very important. Although there is no standardized process of purchasing the best term insurance plan, but still you can keep the above mentioned tips in mind and analyze your need and situation to buy the best policy.

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