Customer Experience on Health Insurance.

August 13, 2021

Health Plans

The new health insurance market makes competing for a two-stage proposition—win consumers on your health plan’s value proposition, but keep them based on the right consumer experience. Because products will become more standardized and consumers are becoming more discerning and informed, price and innovation are the keys to getting them in the door. But because those consumers will have more choices, health plans also have the opportunity to win them as customers for life—initiating, growing, and sustaining profitable relationships.

Let read some of the experience of customers-

1.Tanisha wanted to put off getting health insurance-But my husband [Vijay] didn’t

I was 25 when I got married to Vinay and he was 27. And as soon as we got married Vinay wanted us to get health and life insurance but I was hesitant to get insurance. Because we were young and healthy so I thought it wasn’t a necessity at that time. And after two months I found out that I was pregnant. After Vinay found out I was pregnant he started thinking about our future and our child. 

The topic of health/life insurance was just scary. I was pregnant with our yet-to-be-born child, and the last thing I wanted to think about was one of us dying or thinking about something bad happening to us. After 9 months we were blessed with a baby girl, Vinay was extremely happy that we had a girl.

After some months we came to know about the novel coronavirus.

Everything was fine Vinay was working from home for some time, and he was overwhelmed that he got to spend time with our 3-year-old baby girl Isha. But after 2 months Vinay had started going to work by car. And one fine day we were eagerly waiting for Vinay to reach home and have dinner together, but we got a call from a random number. And he told us that Vinay had met with an accident, I was completely devastated.

I rushed to the hospital with Isha, and Vinay was unconscious. After a few hours, the nurse told me to pay the bills and get the medicines. I had no money and I didn’t know what to do at that time. So I called Vinay’s brother and he told me that not to worry at all and that Vinay already has health/life insurance. And hearing that I felt so blessed that Vinay was so thoughtful experience.

2. If we had Health Insurance my mom would’ve been here

Life was good for my family in 2018. My father was a teacher in a school.  My mother stayed at home raising my sister and me. She hadn’t worked since 1988. 

My dad had a minimal income but we all were happy with where ever we were. In 2018 I started going to college, that’s when my dad couldn’t handle all the expenses. But my dad found a way and broke our fixed deposit. Although mom wasn’t that happy with the decision, she couldn’t help it experience.

That’s when my mom started getting panic attacks and started worrying about our future. After some days I started working in a cafe without telling my parents so that I could pay my bills. But it wasn’t enough and I just couldn’t wait to complete my graduation and start working. So that I could give my mom good health care treatment. After a few months, I completed my graduation my mom was facing severe heart pain.

We rushed her to a government hospital and the doctor was least bothered to check my mom. And after 2 days my mom passed away because we couldn’t provide her with proper healthcare. That is when I realized the importance of Health Insurance. 

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