August 12, 2021

Ever since the second wave of COVID-19 has hit India, cases are increasing at an alarming rate. That is why it is crucial to take the vaccine if you are eligible.

In India, 45 and above is the age limit for taking the vaccine. There are several ways in which one can register for it. So if you are looking forward to getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, you should know that it is getting offered for free at government hospitals. But you can find the doses in private hospitals for Rs 250.

Covid-19 Vaccine used in India

There are currently two vaccines being used in India:

Oxford-AstraZeneca Covishield

This vaccine is made from a dead or weakened virus, adenovirus. It’s given coronavirus structure through modification for the human body to form antibodies and develop immunity. This virus does not pose any harm to humans.

Bharat Biotech Covaxin

This virus is made from weakened or dead coronavirus, which is injected into the body. The body then responds by generating antibodies to counter the virus.

There are other vaccines, too, such as ZyCov-Di developed by Zydus Cadila in Ahmedabad. Also, there are vaccines developed by private vaccine-making companies in Hyderabad and Pune.

Registration for COVID-19 Vaccination

You can easily register for the COVID-19 vaccination and find the nearest vaccine center. There is an option of registration on the Arogya Setu App, or you can register in the CoWin portal.

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration via Arogya Setu app

You can easily register yourself for the vaccination via the Arogya Setu App from your smartphone.

Step 1: Open the Arogya Setu App

Step 2: Locate the ‘Co-Win’ tab and click on it.

Step 3: Find the ‘Vaccination login’ option and fill in your information (mobile number). Then proceed towards verification and complete the verification process through an OTP you receive on your device.

Step 4: Once verified you will be required to upload an ID proof. Then add your other information to the form. The process might include proof of eligibility and registration for up to 4 beneficiaries through the app.

Step 5: After the process is complete, you’ll receive the date along with the availability of vaccination centres around you. From there, you can ‘book’ the right option. You will also receive an SMS containing the appointment details upon successful registration.

You can go to to register yourself for the Covid-19 Vaccination on the CoWin portal. There is no app for registration for CoWin on the play store, so you will have to go directly to the portal.

Finding Covid-19 vaccination centres near me

It’s easy to find Covid vaccination centres near you. You can either find a centre with the help of the Google Maps app on your phone or use the app – MapMyIndia – to get those details. The current age limit for vaccination is 45 and above. You can easily find the right time and place for your vaccination.

COVID-19 and India

With the arrival of double-mutant Coronavirus variants in India, daily cases are on the rise. Scientists are still learning more about this virus which is so easily spreading. It is still under study whether the virus causes severe illness and if the current vaccines are good enough as a protection against it.

Recent studies show that the UK variant, B.1.1.7, is spreading faster than other variants. A report by the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG) from the UK suggests that this variant may be up to 70 percent deadlier than other strains of the COVID-19 virus.

Those who tested positive for this variant tend to report more for tiredness, persistent cough, sore throat, muscle aches, and fever when compared with those positive with the original strain.

Reportedly, Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech have already announced working on modifying the vaccines.

It isn’t uncommon for a virus to mutate, as it happens almost all the time. Globally, there have been multiple sightings of these variants.

There’s still a lot to know about the variants, including how widely they have spread. It is still a topic of debate whether the diseases caused by both the viruses (the old and the new) differ from each other. Then there is the question of old vaccines working on the new variants.

Symptoms of COVID-19

If you feel that you have been affected by the virus, you may start noticing symptoms including:

1. Fever

2. Body ache

3. Respiratory symptoms

4. Dry cough

5. Runny nose

6. Conjunctivitis

7. Diarrhea

8. Loss of taste and smell

There can also be severe symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, organ failure, and speech loss. If you start showing any of the symptoms, it is best to take the right action by getting medical attention. Make sure that you get tested to get the right information about your well-being so that you can take the right measures on time.

How to prevent Covid-19?

Even though the virus is spreading at an alarming rate, it is still possible for you to keep yourself safe from it. Apart from Covid registration for the vaccine, you can take few measures to keep the virus at bay. Here are a few:

  1. Maintain social distancing and avoid any close contact with people.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly with water and soap. Keep a sanitiser handy while travelling outside or touching a foreign object.
  3. Cook food properly. This is especially true for meat because it can be a source of the virus and cause infections if left uncooked.
  4. Wear masks while going out. Keep your mouth and nose covered while sneezing or coughing.
  5. Avoid going out in crowded places.
  6. Self-quarantine for at least 14 days if you feel the symptoms of Covid-19 like conjunctivitis, persistent cough, runny nose, fever, etc.


So, it might be the right time to get your Covid-19 vaccination if you haven’t already. There are several ways mentioned in the article above, through which you can easily register for the vaccine. And in case you feel any symptoms or know someone who is, then make sure that you reach out to a certified medical professional and avoid physical contact with those around.

Compare all arrangements with and pick the most appropriate Life protection for yourself.

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