August 11, 2021

When it comes to buying insurance, there are several things that need to be well-thought-out before selecting health plans offered through many health players.

However, to make things easy, there are a set of do’s and don’ts that one can keep in attention at the time of purchasing a health plan, be it for self or for family members.

The checklist given below may not be a comprehensive one but it surely points out the significant things you want to keep in mind before buying a health care plan.


Dos of buying a health care plan:

Disclosure of Pre-existing Conditions –

Always disclose the details of the pre-existing illnesses, if any. This includes things like high blood pressure as well as diabetes.

Submitting Essential Documents –

It is compulsory that you submit all the necessary documents, medical reports, etc. that the insurance company asks for depending upon your age at the time of obtaining the policy.

Market Study –

Do thorough market research in order to get a grip on the top health insurance plan. With a varied range of plans available in the marketplace, it tends to become hard to select the suitable health plan that will fulfill the individual requirements. However, thorough market research always proves to be of greater help.

Look for Coverage Options –

Remember that there are limitations on what is being covered and what is not being covered. Make sure you are alert of the inclusions as well as the exclusions beforehand.

Read Policy Terms and Conditions –

Always read the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy thoroughly. This reduces the chances of any misunderstandings that may come up in the future.

Check for Enlisted Specialists –

Look for the list of specialists who are enlisted with the insurance provider. Also, you should find out if visiting an alternate medical specialist is covered or not.

Compare Plans –

Always compare different health insurance plans so as to get hold of the best possible option.

Required Medical Tests –

In case there are any medical tests that need to be carried out, check as to where and how they will be carried out. Also, you should check with the agent who will bear the cost of these medical tests.

Seek Feedback –

Always seek advice and feedback from family and friends who have purchased a health insurance plan. Ask them about their experiences with their health insurance provider. And, also ask them about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction level with the plan they had bought.

Wait for Proposal Acceptance from the Insurer –

To make the payment of your premium wait until after your proposal is accepted by the insurer.

Timely Renewal –

Timely renew your policy and enjoy life-long health care coverage.

Don’ts of buying a health care plan:


Do not hide anything connected to your health –

Never ever hide anything related to your health or the things that play an important part in getting a health policy issue. Else you might end up creating a dispute in the future when you will set out to make a claim.

Don’t delay policy renewal –

Do not delay your policy renewal or your policy coverage might no longer be of any use.


If you don’t understand, don’t buy –

Never buy a plan whose point you are unable to understand clearly.


Don’t hesitate to meet insurance agents –

Do not consider meeting insurance agents as a waste of time. These meetings will only help you in getting a vibrant picture of the diverse health insurance plans and proposals.


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