August 11, 2021

We all are living in a society where anyone says the myth about anything people don’t correct them just listen to the myths and they spreading such kind of myth to all. To dispel any confusion in the air, here is a rundown of 10 Myth about Covid-19 that you should quit accepting.

In the Digital World, we are surrounded by myths, and several times we all face them. We are in a society where rumors become truth and truth became rumors. Several myths with respect to the Covid or COVID-19 are gliding among the individuals.

It is incredibly pivotal for everybody to not fall prey to such fantasies or spread them to other people because we all know one thing “if a bucket is half-filled it will Shine but a bucket full of water remain silent”.

So if you know right about something or your information source is reliable then share it with other people or just be silent don’t spread rumors, it is more dangerous than not knowing about a particular subject.

1.Myth about Covid-19, If you get Covid-19 you will die

First and most important thing that people should know is that If you are a Covid patient it doesn’t mean that you are going to die. Till today even the Government, Scientists, and Doctors can say that if you are suffering from Covid you will die. But yes if you are suffering from some other disease, then Covid will affect you more than usual patients and this is the truth that we all should know.

And myth about death comes from Indian Media because of the way they keep their show or information it’s looks like they’re scared. But the job of Media is to create awareness and we all know that Media has a bigger impact on people.

2.Consuming Garlic, Pepper, or Sesame Seeds Will Protect You from COVID-19

Well, first of all-natural gifts are always good for us, and talking about multiple sources about these remedies. Some of them think that consuming garlic can protect you from Covid or consuming Pepper can protect you or consuming Sesame seed keep us healthy. but deep down these are home remedies and in India, home remedies have an effect on society, and maybe that’s why people spreading such kinds of remedies.

3.Myth about Covid-19, Coronavirus Will Not Survive in Hot Weather

It’s a bigger myth than we all ever heard in our life and people were not ashamed at all for spreading this kind of rumor. even summer comes and goes but this weather can’t affect Covid as they trying to burn us. I mean Summer can’t affect covid and we all face a slap of myth on our face.

4.Covid-19 infects you for life

– To be honest, in today’s time no one knows that it will harm our lifetime or not, but there is a quote “Nothing is permanent in our life except change”. So, Yes might be it will affect us for a lifetime or maybe Covid doesn’t leave forever in this world but now time it’s like a rumor.

5.Myth about Covid-19, Taking a Hot Bath will kill Coronavirus

– The thing I know is that if you are taking a hot bath it will make you an active guy and a lot of people suggest that if you are lazy then take a hot bath and the way Covid introduce itself to this world this home remedy becomes important for people and that’s why this rumor was grooming in India day by day.

6.Drinking Alcohol can protect you from Covid-19

When Government says that the way of prevention from Covid is self-lockdown and sanitizer. After that people start talking that alcohol has such energies that it’ll protect us from Covid.

First, we all need to know from, where this logic comes from that alcohol, can protect us. Sanitizers also contains alcohol and we all know that Indian people are genius and after knowing that sanitizers also contain alcohol they start sharing that alcohol can save us. But the thing they should know that is alcohol can save people is belong to a sanitizer, not of the wine shop.

7.Myth about Covid-19, Pneumonia Vaccine can cure Covid-19

In the days of Covid, there was a lot of rumor was roaming in India. Even every single people have their own opinion on Covid and its remedies. This is also one of the rumors that were roaming at that time.

8.Holding your breath for 10 seconds without discomfort means you cannot get Covid-19

The day by day every single people start their own ways to defeat. Covid and this rumor have more credit in the comparison of other rumors. Because every morning people are checking themselves by this way.

9.Myth about Covid-19, Young people cannot catch Coronavirus

Covid-19 is a virus, it’s not a relative of anyone that it’ll not affect young people. It’s also a rumor because at that time newborn baby gets affected from Covid than how anyone can say that it’ll not affect youngsters. It’s a second bigger myth that was roaming at Covid time in India.

10.Pets can spread Coronavirus

No one can say that it’s a myth but Till today there is no news that any pet spreads covid to man or any other animal, So yes it’s also a myth in terms of Covid virus.

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