3 Crucial Things to get Covered under Travel Insurance

July 21, 2021

There are some travelers who don’t prefer to buy a travel insurance. The main reason for not buying is, one feels that nothing unfortunate will happen to him or his family. If talk on the reality ground, you can’t be sure of what can happen during the travel. You just can’t afford expenses that may arise due to an emergency medical treatment, loss of baggage or other travel related contingency. So, in order to ensure peace of mind, it is recommended to buy a travel insurance policy. Having a Travel Insurance acts as a back-up plan that comes to your rescue, if something goes wrong during the trip. A Travel Insurance Policy provides cover against medical expenses incurred due to treatment of any illness, injury or accident, during your travel. It also protects you against loss/theft of baggage, delay/cancellation/curtailment of trip, accidental death and dismemberment, repatriation of remains, personal liability, and many others covered under travel insurance policy.

When looking to insure you or your family while travelling, it is essential to get the right travel insurance cover that can ensure you a 3600 protection against all sorts of travel-related contingencies.

3 Crucial Aspects are Covered under Travel Insurance Policy

To ensure that you pick the right plan, it needs to make sure that these 3 crucial aspects are covered under the policy.

You can’t be certain about your medical condition, especially during the travel. Moreover, the cost of a medical treatment may cost you hundreds of dollars when travelling in a foreign land, so you should get a medical cover for you & your family. In case of any illness, injury or meet with an accident while travelling, a comprehensive travel insurance may come to the rescue. You need to choose a travel insurance policy that covers the cost incurred in any emergency medical treatment for the insured.

Having a travel insurance is a far better option than a travel medical insurance. With a travel insurance, you get the complete cover against medical expenses plus cover the costs for other travel-related contingencies.

Travelling with family brings fun. Going on a family vacation strengthens your family’s bonds. In case of loss of travel related documents, you put your family into an inconvenient situation and the entire trip may get messed up. As, loss of travel documents such as passport is quite a common aspect during the journey, you must carry it carefully.

When you are buying a travel insurance, it is advisable to get cover for the loss of passport. Such travel insurance policy covers the expenses incurred towards getting a duplicate or fresh passport.

There are some unavoidable reasons, due to which you have to cancel your ticket. In case you are not covered under a travel insurance, you may have to suffer a loss of your pre-paid & non refundable travel expenses such as flight ticket, accommodation expenses.

By having a travel insurance, you can get the cover against expenses incurred due to cancellation of the flight. Reasons that are usually covered include injury or illness of insured/travel companion/family member, home or business burglarized or vandalized, any natural disaster strikes destination, traffic accident before going to trip, etc.

It is hereby advised to read the policy terms to ensure that the reason you are stating is covered under the policy.


Nothing is certain in life and the same applies while you travel. If you face any contingency during the travel, such as emergency medical treatment, loss of travel documents or cancellation of your flight, you must need a cover that can help you get rid of all these awkward situations. It is thus recommended to buy a travel insurance cover that ensures protection against all travel related contingencies.

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