July 22, 2021

Motor insurance is a must, there is no doubt about it! Accidents may or may not happen, but it is always good to be prepared for the worst. That being the case, having a motor insurance is must, whether or not you get a situation to claim it. Good if you don’t get a situation at all!

Motor insurance is a handy helping aid for vehicle owners and drivers, as it helps them to recover from a loss or damage of the vehicle or its parts. Though it is a compulsory requirement to drive on the road, there are still many who either don’t have insurance or are not renewing it properly on time.

Now, let’s see how to get motor insurance and what to do next.

The first step is to do detailed research on different motor insurance policies from various insurance providers. This research will help you find the right policy that gives you good coverage at the best rates. So don’t skip this step!

You can always take references/recommendations from friends and family, but don’t decide for the sake of their opinion. Your decision has to be the ultimate and of course right too!

There are three main factors you to consider and compare when choosing motor insurance policy – the provider, the coverage and the premium. Don’t keep premium (cost) as the only deciding factor, because having a cheap policy is equal to not having one.

Check if your policy will give you assistance for car breakdown/car damage.

Check for the cashless facilities available for claim on your policy.

Check for the accident coverage terms, both self and third party.

Check for instant claiming facilities.

Check for the nearest locations of your service provider or the emergency contact numbers of your provider.

Check whether the provider gives you 24/7 customer service

Though everybody is aware of a motor insurance necessity, this article is an attempt to re-emphasize the need for motor insurance.

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