July 22, 2021

Insufficient knowledge leads to myths and doubts being created about anything in this world. More so for a product like a health insurance policy, since the awareness is low, people aren’t able to take the right decision are devoid of the immense benefits of health insurance.

Myths Around Health Insurance Policy

Today, let’s help you break some myths that are keeping you from being safe and secure without spending a fortune:

1) I’m Healthy, I Don’t Need Insurance

This is the most common mistake all of us do think that being in good health keeps us safe forever. In this hectic life schedule, the health is being affected sooner or later. Also, one has to keep himself and his loved ones safe in times of unforeseen medical emergencies like an accident or a critical illness.

2) My Employer has Taken Care of Me

Even if your employer has provided with a group insurance policy, it will be only for a specific amount and will cover selective diseases only. You need a cover that caters to the needs of your family and for that, you have to choose the health insurance companies separately from what your employer has chosen for you.

3) Health Plans are Complicated to Understand

The word insurance makes people think it must be very technical, hence very complex. The truth is the insurance products are being designed and explained to you in a manner that is easy to comprehend and follow. Plans are being made to simplify the whole process so you can take well-informed decisions.

4) Expensive Policies

With so many insurance providers in the market, tough competition results in the customer being the king and getting the best products at minimal cost. best health insurance companies are also the ones that take care of your pocket when designing plans to safeguard your health.

5) Online Health Insurance is not for Everyone

This is the biggest myth of all as people think that buying an insurance policy online is only the prerogative of a selected few. For, the rest of them have to depend only on the brokers or agents. The fact is, buying an insurance policy online makes it easier, economical and sensible for everyone.

6) Coverage of Pre-Existing Diseases

There is this myth being circulated that either the companies don’t cover pre-existing diseases or that they charge a gigantic amount for it. The truth is far from this fantasy. There are more and more insurance players, providing adequate cover for pre-existing diseases and at a cost that will suit your budgets as well. All you have to do is do your little bit of research and you will be surprised to see options available in the market.

7) It is Only for Hospitalization

No, it is not. The health plans in the market also provide cover for pre and post hospitalization expenses, including day care expenses, which doesn’t require to be hospitalized for more than 24 hours.

8) Can’t Change My Health Insurance Companies

If you have a good track record of paying premiums, have been insured without any breaks in between and been an ideal customer, you can switch to any insurance provider of your choice without losing out on any of the benefits you earned while being insured with your previous insurer.

9) Smokers and Drinkers can’t be Insured

Yes they can, the only consideration being that they will have to shell out a higher premium than non-smoker or non-drinkers. Every company has a plan for every citizen of the country, provided you meet the necessary guidelines.

It is better for you to take the right decision by buying the best suited Health Insurance Plan. Buying online health insurance will be the quickest way possible to cover your health risks at the lowest possible cost with various Health plan benefits.

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