July 22, 2021

One of the perks enjoyed by the salaried class is getting an insurance coverage from the employer. However, most of the country’s working population is still a part of unorganised sector where providing insurance is not a compulsion for employers. In such a scenario, having health plans is not only important, but the most important priority for the employee. As we are aware of the elevating costs of health care sector.It is prudent to buy a health plan for every individual who is not insured by his employer and also the prime bread earner of the family.

But point lies how to find the best health insurance policies within your estimated budget.

Then we have an answer for you!

Let’s help you find the best way to get yourself a health insurance cover that will meet your budget as well:

1) The Right Cover

Choose the right amount of cover to reduce your costs. If you’re young and healthy, you don’t need a big insurance cover and that can lessen your premiums even while providing you with adequate medical coverage.

2) Think About Add-ons

Insurance companies offer you a lot of add-ons along with basic health insurance policies. They do look enticing with something like an additional weight reduction plan or an acupuncture facility, but they also cost you extra money so it’s better to choose riders prudently.

3) Type Of Plan

Depending on your age, size of the family and health background, you can either go for individual health insurance policies or a family floater health plan. A wise selection of the right plan based on such factors can help reduce your premium substantially.

4) Top-ups

Instead of buying a health policy with higher base insurance at a higher premium, buy the best health insurance plan with lower base and then buy a top-up plan on it. This will result in substantial savings on premium even while giving you enough financial coverage for medical needs.

5) Deductibles And Sub-limits

While buying the plan, you can opt for a voluntary deductible policy under which you can decide to take care of small medical claims on your own. The insurance company will only pay the big claims that result in getting economical premium rates. Also, lower the sub-limits in your plan like choosing to go for an economical room rent in a hospital instead of choosing a luxury suit.

6) Buy Online

Comparing various health plans and their terms and conditions online will help you in getting the best insurance quotes from the insurance providers. Also, for companies it is more economical to sell their policies online so they are ready to pass on a part of their savings to customers in the form of lower premiums. For you as a buyer, it is an easier option as well to be able to buy a health policy anywhere, anytime, at a price convenient for you.

7) Pay Annually

A lot of insurance plans offer flexibility to make payments to ease the burden on you, but it leads to higher administration costs for the companies of collecting multiple premiums in a single year. It is advisable to pay annually and get lower premiums.

No matter how busy you are, finding the best health insurance plan at an affordable premium is not a tedious job these days. You just have to spare some time finding out what you need and which plan will fulfil those needs. Spend your time and money wisely and stay covered, stay safe!

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