July 22, 2021

Ever increasing cost of medical treatment is putting a big dent in everyone’s pocket. The awareness to have a health care policy is rising by the day, but not everyone is aware of all the benefits that come with the plan. Those benefits can really help you save money to shield you against sky touching medical costs. There are a lot of benefits in your Health policy document that you need to go through to make the most of your insurance plan. All these benefits if considered separately without a Health Plan will be difficult to afford for a normal person. Health plans save us from all such gigantic figures to be spent from our own pocket.

List of Benefits with Your Health Insurance Policy

with the list of benefits  which comes with your health plan which you might have overlooked while reading your policy documents:

1) Besides hospitalization expenses of the insured, there are other expenses incurred by the family like visitation expenses, food or refreshment expenses. A lot of companies provide you with cash allowance, for example of Rs. 250/- per day, for such daily expenses on a pre-fixed basis and that too without asking you for bills.

2) If it comes to surgeries, the cost of medical treatment goes even further. For example, a head and neck cancer surgery can cost an upwards of Rs. 2,00,000/- approx. Add to it the cost of medication and you can imagine where the final figure might go. A regular cancer treatment may cost anywhere between Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs that might look impossible for most of us without health insurance plan.

3) The above-mentioned example didn’t talk about the cost of hospitalization. If we only consider the room rentals, an average shared A/C room in a private establishment will cost a minimum of Rs. 2000/- per day. If you want to have a private room of your own, the cost almost doubles up. With a health plan, you can afford a decent, comfortable room for you, if not quite equivalent of a 5-star hotel.

4) After any surgery or hospitalization, the patient needs time to recover and come back to routine life. A lot of insurance companies provide a lump sum amount to help you cover up for the loss in income during that period. The amount of such benefit and period for which it is defined in a medical health insurance policy might differ from company to company.

5) An insured might not need hospitalization all the time and some medical procedures like chemotherapy or dialysis need only a few hours of visit to the hospital. Chemotherapy over a period of time can set you back by almost Rs. 2-3 lakhs in a private hospital. In addition to that, a lot of policies cover you for critical illnesses and you don’t have to buy a separate health insurance policy for the same. With these plans, you can be assured of a lump sum amount coming your way to rescue at the time of detection of the illness.

6) If a child is admitted to the hospital, he may require an attendant from the family to be around. That means additional expenses and to help you with that, certain insurance providers provide you with a pre-fixed daily allowance for a fixed period of time.

7) Organ transplant is a very expensive treatment in our country. Conservative figures put the total process of kidney transplant from the screening of the organ to a final surgery at a humungous cost of Rs. 8-10 lakhs at the minimum. Thankfully, as per the latest regulations the expenses incurred by organ donor for surgery and harvesting the organ are covered under your health care policy. Can you imagine the financial burden on you without having a health plan?

Just read the terms and conditions carefully before buying a medical health insurance plan to be aware of all such benefits.

Invest smartly and then save money on your investments!

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