July 22, 2021

Saving money from your income might not able to meet major expenses such as child’s higher education, marriage expenses, or planning post-retirement life. Investing money wisely on the other hand, plays a key role in creating wealth for the future. It’s never too late to start investing, so you can easily meet your long term financial objectives. Life is full of uncertainties and any mishap lead to unfortunate death or disability may cause permanent loss of your earning capacity. So, it’s wise to choose the best investment plan that can maximize the wealth and fund your family’s lifestyle as well, even when you are not around or being permanently disabled. To fulfil your goals, you need to choose the right type of investment plans.

When it comes to money investment plans, you can include investment plans from Life Insurance Companies. With these plans, you can get the dual benefit of growth of your money plus a life cover. ULIPs and Endowment Plans are one of the attractive investment plans, you can bank upon to multiply your investments and also ensures financial protection for the family.


ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Policy) provides flexibility to invest your money in fund options of your choice that helps accumulate wealth in the long run. A ULIP plans also provides life cover that pays the sum assured amount to the family, in case of your unfortunate death. It includes both the investment and protection element that can be managed as per your specific needs and objectives. In ULIP Plans, the investments made are subject to market risks and you should opt for your investment after proper analysis of your risk appetite and needs.

Best ULIP Plans:

Here is the list of some top ULIP plans, you can invest in.

(It’s not an exhaustive list, you can opt for any other plan depending on your investment objectives.)

Endowment Plans

An Endowment Plan helps the policyholder save regularly over a period of time, so you can receive a lump sum amount on maturity in case you survive through the end of the policy term. This policy also provides risk, so on your untimely death, your family will receive the sum assured amount that can help them cover their immediate and recurring expenses. With the maturity or death payout, you or your family can easily fulfill their different financial needs such as children’s education and marriage, funding one’s retirement, or other unforeseen expenses.

Best Endowment Plans:

Here is the list of some top Endowment plans, you can invest in.

(It’s not an exhaustive list, you can opt for any other plan depending on your investment objectives.)

How to Invest Easily

Buying plans online is the best way to invest with ULIP and Endowment plans.

Prior buying the plan online, it is advisable to visit an insurance comparison portal such as comparepolicy.com, where you just need to provide details regarding the investment and you will get information for various investment plans from different insurers. You can compare benefits available with different plans and just choose the best investment plan that can ensure higher returns for your investment.

Buying an investment plan online does not involve any intermediary in between and thus, the premium you need to pay is also low. When buying online, it takes just a few minutes in comparing and choosing a plan, then make payment. It’s a cost-effective option and saves your time as well. Through online, you can enjoy hassle free buying along with less paperwork. Thus, it’s a quite convenient way to buy investment plans.

To conclude, when you are looking to grow your money over a period of time, it would be a prudent move to invest your money with investment plans that can help you to maximize your wealth over a period of time. Do the proper research before investing, so the investment avenues can assure you for competitive returns. It is recommended to first compare plans online and then choose from the best money investment plans that suit your financial objectives.

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