July 22, 2021

More and more people prefer to own and using a two wheeler to go to their office or go to a picnic spot with the family. Due to the huge rush on the roads, driving a two wheeler carries high risk of accidents that may cause damages to a third party or your own damage.

Owning a two wheeler is your valuable asset and you must want to ensure safety for your bike. Buying a two wheeler insurance ensures protection for your & your vehicle against damages incurred due to some unforeseen incidents such as personal accident, theft, third party liability and many more. It provides financial protection against liability that may arise owing to third-party damage or bodily injury and physical damage caused to your two wheeler.

You can’t predict mishaps, so it is always best to carry a two wheeler insurance and renew it as and when due. When you are heading to renew two wheeler insurance, you can get it online. There are various insurance companies that offer insurance for the two wheeler and through online, you have the flexibility to choose the best vehicle insurance. Apart from choosing the vehicle insurance of your choice, you can get it at affordable premiums and take advantage of long-term two wheeler insurance. ICICI Lombard offers two wheeler insurance policy online for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Steps Involved to Renew Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Following are the 3 easy steps that help you to renew the two wheeler insurance online.

Step 1: Log on to an insurance web aggregator website

Your existing policy may not offer you the coverage you are actually for and don’t just renew the same policy. It is hereby advised to log on to an insurance web aggregator website, compare plans over there, read the policy benefits thoroughly and pick the best policy to renew insurance for your vehicle.

In this step, you need to fill some required details about your bike and previous insurance cover to get quotes from several insurers. You only need to pick one to get the vehicle coverage. After choosing a policy, you need to fill your personal details.

Step 2: Details of your Two Wheeler

After filling the personal details in the first step, now it is required to provide all details of your two wheeler such as Registration Number, Engine Number, Chassis Number, Previous Policy Number, registration & expiry date of previous policy, etc.

Step 3: Make Payment

In this step, you need to provide additional details such as name, age and relationship of the nominee. You will be displayed with the personal details, vehicle & policy details, and nominee details, you have provided while renewing the policy. You need to go through all these details, make a double check, correct it (if required) and then make payment. You have the flexibility to choose from various payment options such as debit card, credit card or through net banking After confirmation of the payment, your policy is renewed. It takes just a few minutes to renew the two wheeler insurance for your bike at the comfort of your own home.


Two wheeler insurance provides protection against financial liability that may arise due to loss/damage caused to a third party and it ensures own damage cover as well. Owing to comprehensive protection a two wheeler insurance offers to your & your vehicle, it is imperative to renew two wheeler insurance online before its expiry. It provides an easy, convenient and hassle-free way to get the two wheeler insurance renewed instantly.

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