July 22, 2021

Retirement is a strange feeling. It brings a sense of relief and freedom but also brings in a feeling of boredom and anxiety. Retirement does not always turn out to be the way it has been imagined. The complete break from the routine, the absence of the company you surrounded yourself with and the struggle to make this period really enjoyable is much difficult than imagined.

Many times retirement leads to anxiety, depression and regrets about how it turned out to be. Retirement is never seen as glamorous because of the idea we have in our heads. It is important to work towards a happy and peaceful period of retirement and this does not come easy.

What Does Retirement Actually Mean?

Retirement is the life after work. With careful planning and financial independence, life after work can become quite easy and simple. Retirement is the end of long work hours, late nights and an end to your activity for many years in the past. It is perceived as the non-glamorous years of life that are inevitable.

1. Make a plan

If you want to avoid hating your retirement, the first thing to do is make a plan. To begin with, you need to communicate your retirement ideas with your partner. It is necessary that your views on retirement match with that of your partners.

We all have an unaccomplished bucket list, which we need to begin ticking off now. Start ticking off items from your bucket list. To successfully accomplish the same, it is important to ensure that your spouse or partner is willing to be a part of your activities.

You can also create a specific retirement bucket list and include everything you wanted to accomplish all these years. It does not matter what is included in the retirement list, it is important to actually have a plan to share it with the partner you will retire with. Retirement is not limited to a financial plan, it is more about the personality of the individual. A secure financial plan does go a long way, but retirement needs much more than that. Retirement is the ideal period for those individuals who have unaccomplished bucket lists and dreams.

To have a spirited retirement, you should look at this period as an opportunity to break out of the monotony and learn something new. It is also an opportunity to work hard towards the personal goals. In the initial period of your retirement, make a plan and fill up the calendar.

If you do not make a plan in the first year, you will lack the momentum and never be able to get on track. Look at retirement as an opportunity to do something new and accomplish the things you never had the time to. Look at it like a fresh opportunity to break out of the rut and make the most of this period.

2. Take a Retirement Test Drive

The best method to ensure that you enjoy your retirement years is to take mini test drives before you retire. Most individuals tend to move from one employer to another, why not put this break to good use? If you are shifting jobs, take a break between two jobs and accomplish your goals. If you have had long-term plans which were never put into action, take a break and try working on them.

If you have always dreamt of becoming a writer, take a small break and see how you can work around it. You can always look for an alternative profession to pursue as a freelancer like a writer, freelance contractor or entrepreneur.

In the pursuit of your ideal retirement period, you can take mini test drives that will give you a feel of how your retirement will look like, it will also provide you an opportunity to prepare yourself for the coming years and to look for an alternative profession to invest your time.

3. Track Your Projected Retirement Income

One of the biggest aspects of retirement is financial planning. With well planning and investment, retirement income can be easily managed. Youngsters begin planning for retirement income in the middle of their career, every individual wants to remain financially secure during the period of retirement. You can use the various calculators available online that will require you to answer questions about salary, savings, pension, investments and other financial factors. The calculator will help you figure out what you need to achieve in order to reach your set target for retirement.

You can also find the life planning calculators that help you clarify your goals and long term plans, after that, they make a retirement plan for you. The calculators provide an interesting insight into the plan that will work for you.

4. Start Early

Many individuals discover that the retirement they had dreamt of is much different than the reality and this is what leads to depression and anxiety. Everyone deserves a retirement that is filled with satisfaction and happiness because retirement is what you earn after a lifetime of work and efforts. The period of retirement is what will make your life worth all the hard work you put in at the workplace. To make it a happy period, it is important to start early and prepare yourself for what is to come. Plan your retirement with your partner and make a list of things you wish to achieve.


Retirement is not only about financial planning, it is about the overall planning of your life. It is about accomplishing everything you once wanted to achieve. It is about making your dreams come true and ticking off items from the bucket list. Retirement is a happy period and a well deserved period in every individual’s life.

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