July 22, 2021

Train accidents are not uncommon, especially in India. Every year, there are at least 2 to 3 massive accidents where hundreds lost their lives. Many of them are bread earners for the family.

A lesser known fact most of us don’t know is that passengers traveling through Indian railways can opt for a travel insurance by IRCTC of Rs 10 lakhs which cost only 92 paise. However, most passengers do not know about this and that is why they do not opt for the same.

Cover offered by IRCTC

The cover offered by IRCTC is a Rs 10 Lakh accidental cover which is offered to every passenger who books a ticket through the website. The insurance costs 92 paise per passenger.

The details of cover offered include the following:

Death: Rs 10,00,000

Permanent Total Disability: Rs 10,00,000

Permanent Partial Disability: Rs 7,50,000

Hospitalization Expenses For Injury: Rs 2,00,000

Transportation Of Mortal Remains: Rs 10,000

How to opt for the insurance

The travel insurance can be opted in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Login to IRCTC and plan your journey.

Step 2: While filling the passenger details, look for travel insurance field provided below the booking preference field.

Step 3: Click on the check box of yes to opt for the insurance. You will be charge 92 paisa per passenger for this travel insurance.

Step 4: Once the ticket is successfully booked, you will get an SMS related to travel insurance with the master policy number. You will also receive an email in the registered email ID with IRCTC to update your nominee details of the policy.

Terms and Conditions of travel insurance

There are various terms and conditions of travel insurance. They are:

  1. The scheme is applicable for Indian citizens only who book e-ticket. Foreign citizens are not covered under this scheme.
  2. This scheme is optional. However, once the option is exercised, it will be applicable to all passengers booked under the same PNR number.
  3. The premium for the insurance is 92 paise per passenger inclusive of all taxes.
  4. Customers will receive the policy intimation through SMS. The link for filing nomination details will be sent to the registered email id. Policy number can be viewed from the ticket booking history on the IRCTC page.
  5. The nomination details has to be filled in the insurance company site. If the nomination details are not filled, then the settlement will be provided to the legal heirs of the policy holder.
  6. The coverage will apply to each passenger under the PNR for death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability, hospitalization expenses for injury and transportation of mortal remains.
  7. The travel insurance cannot be provided to children below 5 years of age.
  8. The claim/liability shall be between the insured and the insurance company, in case a passenger opts for the insurance.
  9. In case of a short termination of a train, if the passenger opts for alternate modes of transportation arranged by Indian railway up to the destination, the passenger will also be covered under the policy for this part of the travel.
  10. In case of diversion for any reason, the coverage will apply to the diverted route also.
  11. In case of vikalp train, the policy will apply to the vikalp train as well.
  12. Once the premium is paid, cancellations will not be allowed. Refund of premium will not be made in all cases.
  13. The coverage for hospitalization expenses will be over and above death/permanent total disability/partial disability.

Most of us do not bother about insurance while we are traveling on a train, even if we travel long distance and are in the train for days. However, when we fly, even for a shorter duration of time, we purchase insurance because somehow we consider flying more risky than traveling in the train. However, accidents come unannounced. Ask a victim of a train accident, and he will tell you how important it is to purchase an insurance. 92 paisa is not much. Being aware can help you protect yourself and your family to a great extent. So, next time when you buy a rail ticket, don’t forget to click on the checkbox of purchasing the insurance.

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