July 22, 2021

Our society is inching towards a scenario where both husband and wife are earning and contributing towards the family expenses. Life has become stressful, more and more people require health care. The cost of medical care has also gone up considerably, therefore it becomes imperative for everyone to have a health plan. However, in the case of couples, couples have to Buy Same Level Health Plan, it is even more important for them to have a health cover to face uncertainties so that a health scare on one of the partners doesn’t derail the entire family’s life.

The question is whether the couple deserves an equal medical cover or one partner should be preferred over another when it comes to coverage. There are certain factors to be considered while selecting a plan. Here are those:

1) Earning Member

In case only the husband is earning and wife takes care of the family, the husband will require a bigger coverage so that his medical emergency doesn’t put his dependents in financial trouble. However, the wife also needs medical coverage even if a bit less than the husband’s. Also, in case both are earning, in majority of the cases, both the partners will be covered by their respective employers under group plans. In such a scenario the important thing to understand is whose policy is giving better coverage to dependents. For example, if a wife’s policy with employer offers better benefits, that should be used on a priority basis for any claims while husband should buy health insurance with separate benefits.

2) Special Cover for Women

Whether a woman is working or not, they do need special health covers owing to their special health needs. There are health policies in India that cater to the specific requirements of women. Various insurer’s offer specialized health plans for women.There are certain plans that even provide coverage for maternity expenses and in case a child is born with congenital disabilities. Also, there are certain critical illnesses that women are prone to; hence an adequate cover should be bought to take care of such unforeseen circumstances.

3) Pre-Existing Diseases

If either of the partners is having pre-existing disease, he/she should opt for an individual health cover with a bigger coverage instead of buying a family floater plan that can raise premium costs while reducing overall benefits for each other.

4) Family History

One needs to analyze their family history to understand if they are susceptible for any genetic disorders. If there is a family history of diabetes, heart disorders or cancer, then an adequate individual health cover will be required with higher coverage even if costs a little bit extra. It doesn’t matter if the couple is young and healthy; health plan has to be bought to safeguard against future risks.

5) Budget

Every household works according to a budget. You might need a cover against all kinds of medical emergencies, but your budget may not allow you to do so. Therefore, take a stock of the individual health condition, risk factors, age, financial dependability, etc. and then buy health insurance accordingly.

There is no thumb rule when it comes to buying insurance for couples. Every family is different and so are their requirements. It is therefore suggested to understand individual needs and risk factors and based on that make a decision. Maybe there would be a family where husband might require less insurance cover compared to wife and vice-versa. The only thing to be considered is whether the health cover that you have, whether provided by the employer or self-bought, is enough to cover your and family’s medical needs. as mentioned points in this article you understand that do couples have to buy same level health plan in India.

There are various health policies in India, catering to individual and family needs. Take your time in studying your family’s requirement and then learning about various plans. Selecting the best plan is your duty!

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