July 22, 2021

Sameer, a 32 year old businessman from New Delhi, bought a health insurance policy after realizing its importance. He knew that the current lifestyle and environmental conditions are making everybody prone to diseases and illnesses. That’s why he searched, compared and analyzed different health insurance policies and bought the best one for himself. After receiving the policy documents, Sameer was very much satisfied with his decision, but as he was going to safe-keep his policy documents, he thought that whether he needs to do anything else after buying the policy?

Sameer is right. After buying a policy, most of the people think that their job is done and they don’t need to do anything else. But that is not true, as even after buying a policy, there are some to-dos which one should keep in mind.

So in this article, we have listed down the important things which you need to do after buying a health insurance policy.

Hospitals Applicable Against Your Policy

First, take a list of hospitals where your respective health insurance policy can be claimed. Find out the nearby branches of the same. Do a detailed research about the hospitals – facilities available, kind of treatment and service they offer and the procedures for claiming insurance. Even a physical visit to the hospitals with your insurance policy in hand would be greatly appreciated. Make a list of hospitals that you find suitable after doing the research and keep the list handy in your mobile. Taking a print out and stick in your bedroom or living room would also be a good idea.

Go through the Insurance Policy Kit

After receiving the policy kit, most of the people don’t even open the envelope and even if they do so, they don’t go through the things given in a policy kit. But ideally that’s incorrect. You should always open the envelope and review it. Especially, you should check the following:-

  • Your personal details and copy of proposal form

Treatments Covered under Your Health Insurance Policy

Take a list of treatments that you are eligible to claim for, as part of your health insurance policy. This is the most important step that should be done well ahead of purchasing your policy, but if not done yet, this is the time to do it, don’t postpone it after.

Educate Family about Your Health Insurance Policy

Taking a policy and researching about it is very important, but equally important is to keep your family educated about it. Disclose your entire health and other insurance details to your family members. Also keep all the insurance documents handy, of course safe too, so that people in your family can access it during any emergency. It is also good to keep a scanned version of your policy documents in your system or mobile for instant reference.

Follow all these steps to get the fullest benefit from your health insurance policy. Stay healthy!

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