July 22, 2021

Have you been unfortunate enough to find yourself in a car accident? With the constantly changing gimmicks of insurance in today’s time, it is very important to get your vehicle repaired and make a claim your car insurance money in the proper way. Every vehicle must have at-least third party Insurance cover in India.

Cashless Claims

You will get the best results if you go to any of the insurance provider’s preferred repair garages. The insurance agency pays for all the repairs, except the things not secured under the arrangement, which you will have to pay for on your own. Known as cashless claim, the act will save you a lot of money in case of serious car repairs.

Role of Car Insurance

For the majority of us, buying and owning a vehicle has been a fantasy that we have sustained since our youth. Once the automobile is purchased, getting an insurance for the said car becomes an absolute must. Car insurance is the protection acquired for different kinds of vehicles. Its essential utilization is to give security against the misfortunes brought about as an after-effect of car crashes, and against the obligations that could be acquired in a mishap.

Varieties of Car Insurances

You can buy two types of car insurances:

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Third Party

Comprehensive Insurance for Your Car

Comprehensive Car Insurance for your vehicle is a redesign of the third party, fire and theft protection that you can get. Notwithstanding the vehicle, property and wounds of any outsider who might have been included in an accident with you, it additionally covers your physical self and insures the damages that your car may have incurred.

Likewise, you may be provided with extra advantages, for example, roadside help, towing from the mishap site, a makeshift car if yours is stolen or harmed/destroyed, substitution or repairs for your windscreen, and so on. In general, an insurance company will not offer these additional profits, so you ought to check the strategy report of the offer before you go ahead with your purchase decision.

Third Party Insurance (TPI) Cover

Essentially, it’s the base measure of insurance that can be purchased. Third party Insurance cover you against:

  • Physical harm to an alternate vehicle or structure;
  • Injuries to an outsider or your own particular travelers;
  • Medical treatment expense and lawful expense claims against you.

However, in the event that your car suffered an accident because of your fault entirely, you will not get a penny from you insurance company. What’s more – you will not get any payment if the vehicle is stolen, vandalized on the road, or even if it catches fire. All these cases are alluded to as ‘third party’ expenses, taking into consideration that the recipient of the money is somebody other than the two included in the agreement, that is, the insurance company and the one who has purchased the insurance.

The arrangement does not give any profit to the safeguarded; in any case it covers the insured’s legitimate obligation for death/incapacity of outsider misfortune or harm to outsider property.

On the off chance that you fall prey to an accident or your car happens to get hit by something, despite not suffering major damage, you can assert suitable protection. In order to claim protection, you must:

  • Note the permit plate number of the other vehicle included in the mishap.
  • Provide names and the phone numbers of witnesses.
  • Call the insurance agency and make a claim on your third party insurance cover policy for your money.
  • Make a note of the given case reference number and the rundown of archives needed for getting you the claim.
  • Check whether the insurance agency has a particular garage it wishes to fund and make a note of the subtle elements of the same.
  • File an FIR at the closest police headquarters in the event of property harm, substantial damage, robbery, or significant harms. Submit relevant reports to a representative of the insurance company and get it double checked with original copies.
  • Make any extra instalments to the carport, if the insurance agency does not cover the entirety of the costs incurred by you.


So, go ahead and get your car insured. Remember, choosing the correct insurance plan is very important-especially if you want to get your timely claims, without any hassles.

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