July 22, 2021

Health Insurance takes care of all the medical requirements, be it medical or surgical expenses of the insured. It either reimburses the expenses incurred by the individual or takes care of the expenses by paying to the hospital. The present inflation in Medical test required is more than the savings and it’s quite tough to cope up at the time of hospitalization. Arranging funds for healthcare is extremely difficult for a person who doesn’t have enough savings. Health insurance is helpful in such instances. Apart from offering considerable flexibility in illness coverage, it also takes care of paying the medical bills.

Health insurance thus secures your health and finances as well. This makes health insurance a very important part of financial planning which you must have.

Why Medical Test is Important?

Most people find taking a medical test required in order to buy health insurance just as a waste of time or they are simply under the impression that it is better not to take a medical exam before buying insurance, which is absolutely a false perspective.

You can go for a pre-policy medical test before getting health insurance coverage. This is done so that the company can assess your health condition properly and can identify the right premium amount for the health coverage you are looking for.

A medical test always sets things on course.

  • It gives an update on one’s health and also smoothens out the entire process of the insurance.
  • An insurance company sets the premium rates according to the risk coverage. When no medical issues are found in a medical test, the insurance company may reduce the premium amount. Thus, it is always better to get a medical checkup beforehand.
  • With a medical exam, you will get adequate coverage. Usually, the cover provided in the absence of a medical exam is inadequate, so go with the medical tests.
  • Medical test often turns out in favor of the individual buying the cover. But sometimes, it reveals hidden things about one’s health about which the person himself was unaware of.
  • Medical tests ensure smooth claim procedures. This is because of the full disclosure of material and health-related facts about oneself. Incomplete or inadequate information about a person can directly lead to claim rejection.
  • Sometimes, passing a medical test can lead to choosing a better insurance plan with discounted premium rates. There are companies that offer discounted premiums for their policyholders who are assessed on the medical ground.

Keeping everything in mind, we can conclude that a medical test is hence essential before buying health insurance. It is advisable to thoroughly evaluate non-medical test policies before buying it.

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