July 22, 2021

Group Health insurance refers to an insurance policy that offers the health cover to the employees of an organization. Various companies have started offering group health insurance to take care of employees’ and their families’ health. When it comes to buying group health insurance coverage, employers may search for insurers such as HDFC ERGO, Tata AIG, Reliance General, and many others and know the advantages of Group Health insurance Policy they are selecting.

Under a Group Health insurance policy, employees are covered for the medical and hospitalization expenses incurred for the covered policy period. Employers do their best in searching and providing the right and best health coverage to their employees. Employees are the assets of an organization always make efforts in offering them comprehensive coverage.

While exploring the group health coverage, you need to assess the health care needs of the people for whom you are looking to get the health cover.

Advantages of Choosing Group Health Insurance Policy

When you choose a group health insurance policy, you become entitled to receive awesome benefits and coverage.

Lower Premium

The premium amount of a group health insurance plan is much lower as compared to an individual health insurance plan. Thus, it offers cost-effective health coverage to you & your family.

Maternity Cover

Upon enrolling for this health cover, an insured can avail of the maternity benefits from day one.

No Health Check-up required

For buying group health insurance, an individual does not need to submit his or her medical checkup reports.

Key Features of Group Health insurance

Let’s go through the basic features available in a group health insurance policy.

Cashless Hospitalization

When you get hospitalized in a network hospital, you will get the cashless hospitalization up to the coverage available.

Pre & Post Hospitalization Cover

This health policy offers coverage for Pre-hospitalization expenses that incurs before hospitalization. It also covers the medical expenses that incur after discharge from the hospital.

No Waiting Period

An employee can avail of the health coverage right from the first day of his service in the organization. With a no-waiting period, an employee can immediately avail of the expenses for any illness.

Pre-existing Illness Coverage

A group health insurance policy cover pre-existing illnesses or health conditions. Some health policies also provide the cover for critical illnesses, depends on the plan as chosen by the employer.

Coverage for Family Members

In addition to the coverage for the employee, a group health insurance also offers coverage for the dependents including his spouse, children, and dependent parents.

Difference between Group Health Insurance and Individual Health Insurance

Group health insurance Individual health insurance
Amount of premium The amount of premium is less. The premium is higher than group insurance, as the insurance caters only to the need of individual and/or family members.
No claim bonus The concept is not applicable to group health insurance plans. The individuals get no claim bonus for the subsequent year if they have not used/claimed the policy
Ability to customize This policy does not come with the option of any customization. The insured person can customize the cover as per his/her needs.
Applicability Applicable only till you are employed in the organization. Applicable till the time you renew the policy.
Medical checkup No medical checkup is needed. The premiums and cover are decided only after medical checkup.


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