July 22, 2021

The average income of Indians is growing – thanks to the growth in Indian economy and vast scale urbanization of the country. Things that were luxury even a decade back has become a necessity now. Even a roadside tea stall vendor today owns a smartphone. Owning a vehicle is now considered to be a necessity rather than a luxury. Several reasons are responsible for the same. Fortunately, in India, general insurers now offer roadside assistance insurance. or Roadside Assistance Motor Add-On Cover, The situation was not the same till a few years ago when only motor insurance was available.

Firstly, commuting to work place via public transport is extremely difficult now, thanks to the rising population and the dismal condition of public transport in most cities in India. 

Secondly, people are more aware of the concept of work life balance now. Hence, weekends are no more about sitting at home and watching television, people rather want to travel to a destination for a weekend trip. No wonder, four-wheeler and two-wheeler sales are at an all-time high in the country.

With all good things comes a certain amount of task, and owning a vehicle is not free from it. All vehicles are machines and they can break down anytime anywhere. Sadly enough, a sudden breakdown during a trip can suddenly take out all your enthusiasm and you might be left with the headache of getting the vehicle repaired rather than enjoying the trip.

Now, by paying a little extra premium, one can avail of roadside assistance insurance where many events and damages can be covered.

Covered under Roadside Assistance Motor Add-on Cover

In this article, we have covered the things that can be covered under roadside assistance motor add on cover.

Flat Tyre

The most common issue faced by anyone is a flat tyre. In case you are not carrying the stepney or you have two flat tyres, this issue can be a real problem. However, if you call the motor assistance team, they can easily reach your location and change the flat tyre with a stepney provided you have included a flat tyre assistance feature within your motor insurance.

Spot Repair

In case your vehicle breaks down with minor faults, mechanical or electrical which the assistance crew repairs on the spot, the same can be covered through insurance. This can involve any issues with the battery. If the battery is unable to function, the roadside assistance team might have to jump-start the battery. You can avail of all these services free of cost if you include Spot Repair feature in your roadside assistance package.


Sometimes, a vehicle can come down with such issues that it may be unable to move completely. This can be a mechanical or an electrical breakdown. In such cases, you might need towing assistance to a place for further assistance. If you include towing assistance in your roadside assistance package, you can avail of a towing service free of cost, up to 50 km beyond which you will have to bear the cost of towing.

Fuel Delivery

Roadside Assistance Motor Add-On also includes fuel delivery, in case your vehicle runs out of the same. It is possible that due to a fault in your fuel indicator, you are unable to understand how much fuel is there in your car and the nearby fuel station is far away. In such a situation, the emergency team can deliver 5 litres of fuel, although the same will be charged on actuals.

Lost Key

Well, this is a rare phenomenon, but can happen with anybody. It is possible that in the hullaballoo of a vacation, you lock the vehicle key inside the car itself and would need a duplicate key to get inside the car. Such incidents can be covered under roadside assistance.

Disability of Driver

It is possible that due to a sudden incident, the driver is disabled and is unable to continue the journey further. In that case, the vehicle has to be transported to a located from where it can be driven by someone else. If this incident is covered under roadside assistance insurance, the vehicle can be transported up to 50 km free of cost beyond which it will be charged at Rs 100 per hour.

Alternate Transportation Arrangement

In case the vehicle breaks down in such a manner that an alternate transport arrangement has to be made, the roadside assistance team can help you with that too. They can arrange for a cab service to drop you to a nearby location while they attend to your vehicle. The charges for the cab service is also not very high too, it is Rs 500 for 5 hours beyond which it is charged at Rs 8 per km or Rs 100 per hour.

Alternate Accommodation Arrangement

If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere and cannot be repaired immediately, depending on the requirement of the situation, the roadside assistance team can arrange for an overnight accommodation subject to availability. They can also arrange for other essential items like food, water and first aid. The charges for the same will have to be borne by you.

Spare Parts Shipment

In case the insured vehicle is so badly damaged that spare parts need to be arranged from other places, the insurance policy can include that too. The charges for the same will be borne by the owner of the vehicle in this case.

Roadside assistance is a feature that should be added to all motor insurance policies. Although, the term used is ‘roadside assistance’, but all these services are available even if your car breaks down in your garage. The roadside assistance feature will add peace of mind while you enjoy yourself with your family.

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