July 22, 2021

In today’s running life, Health insurance has become prominent as well as necessary in every individual’s life. By Looking to the fact of increasing medical cost and disastrous illness in the environment, also here people having stressful life and hectic schedules are not able to take out time and invest in their well-being. It becomes difficult to notice an individual’s suffering. Health insurance covers up all the medical crises if needs be, so by purchasing the health insurance plan at an early stage gives the maximum benefits and comprehensive deals to the insurance holder. Here are the 5 top reasons to buy health insurance to be a benefit holder.

1. Increasing Pollution

With rampant increase in the pollution, 44% of the people in 2019 having health related problems and not been to the doctors or hospital. A hidden blanket of haze is harming the number of people around the globe and it’s still getting worse day by day. Regarding these issues, a health insurance company covers up all your major crises.

Breathing healthy air is everyone’s basic requirement and living in a healthy environment but because of the air pollution and vastly spreading various diseases in the atmosphere making everyone sick. So by purchasing the health plan you will get assured claims in return.

2. Young Buyers get more Benefits

There are lots of benefits of buying health insurance plan at young age and ensures that you get cured of any pre-existing diseases and pay the cover up for it, also in later if diagnosed with any diseases would get covered up by the insurance company.

3. Early Planning gives Good Deal

Buying a health insurance plan early means more benefits whenever in need and get assured with many other benefits. In young age there are less chances of getting ill so you can easily get through with waiting periods of surgeries or any pre-existing diseases and later can claim all the benefits.

4. Rising Medicinal Cost

In today’s life everyone cannot afford to pay big amounts in hospitals to get cured of the diseases or met with any accident. Also the prices in hospitals are too high for common people to afford. So buy spending lots of money on buying medicines, an individual should buy a health insurance plan because it cover-up all amount sooner or later.

5. Less Deduction in Income Tax Pay Bills

Under section 80D, an individual can claim the premium paid if he is under the age of 60 years the premium amount is tax deductible up to INR 50,000. If any one of the parents is more than 60 years old would pay the premium of INR 75,000 and if both the parents are above the age of 60 year would pay the premium amount of INR 1, 00,000. So buying a health insurance premium plan would make less deduction in the income tax pay bills and assures with more benefits. these are some reasons to buy health insurance in 2020 and take benefits in Income tax.

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